Aircraft - Dry/Wet/Lease and Charter





Aviation Services specializes in Sale of aircraft, Drones (UAV/UAS), Engines, Avionics, short and long-term aircraft leasing solutions and aviation support services. We are experts at providing an instant airline (i.e. aircraft, crew, maintenance, route selection, operational support…etc.).

Our fleet of aircrafts are maintained to the highest industry standards and with over 40 years of global operating and leasing experience, Logistic Air is a leader in customizing our services so that they are optimally suited to fit our client's needs. We strive to provide our wide range of services to our clients with speed, flexibility, and professionalism.

Our fleet diversification and individually tailored lease terms help fulfill our customer's requirements to insure their success. We are successful if your aviation venture is successful.

Air Leasing Services strives in providing its customers with absolute, first class, on-time services to ensure our clients success in their operations. Our wide array of fleet diversification and custom tailored leases allows us to provide to our customers a flexibility in being creative with providing a solution that works best for our clients needs in insuring their success. This is what sets us apart when it comes to the world of Aviation Leasing.

Air's ACMI Leasing Servicing will provide our clients with:

  • Aircraft
  • Crew
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance

Through our ACMI Leasing Services, Logistic Air will provide in essences a turn key aircraft ready to be used for our client's needs. We will be responsible for providing to our clients the Aircraft, Required Crew, and we will cover any related Maintenance costs required to maintain the aircraft in top condition in addition to paying for the Aircrafts Insurance (Hull).

All other costs such as fuel, passenger and/or cargo loading and off loading costs, costs for over-flight permits, catering costs, airport permit costs, required accommodation costs for the crew...etc. will fall under the responsibility of our clients (Lessee).

Unlike other Lessors our ACMI services come with full operational support and assistance in order help create an efficient, cohesive and successful operation.

Due to our asset based company position, our ACMI lease rates are the most competitive rates throughout the global market. We will work with our customers in order to competitively meet their financial needs thus insuring the success of both parties.

Charter Services

Due to our extensive knowledge and years of experience within the aviation leasing industry we are able to provide the most reliable, on-time, highest customers service standards and most cost effective charter services throughout the global aviation market. Our charter services provide all of our clients with a ready to go experienced airline without the headache and investment of operating it. Our wide diversification of aircrafts within our fleet allows us to cater towards relatively all operators in need of charter services.

With our Charter Services we provide the aircraft on a ready to go basis covering all costs involved in performing the flights, i.e. Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance, fuel, passenger and/or cargo loading and off loading costs, costs for over-flight permits, catering costs, airport permit costs, required accommodation costs for the crew and all other operating costs including liability insurance for the aircraft.

We offer the most competitive rates through out the global aviation market.

Dry Lease

For those customers who do not require any support or crew services and are simply in need of an aircraft only for lease, we offer our Dry Lease Services.

Our Dry Lease Terms usually range from 1-3 years minimum

With our Dry Lease Services, our clients will bear responsibility for all costs other than costs related to any major checks and required servicing that the aircraft needs, such as an engine overhaul, a landing gear overhaul and/or a D-Check. All other costs such as routine maintenance that the aircraft requires (this maintenance includes all minor checks such as A, B and C Checks) and operating costs in addition to required personnel costs, insurance and any other measures to keep the aircraft in top condition will be the responsibility of our client.

All aircrafts with in our fleet are kept in excellent condition in order to provide our clients with the most reliable and well maintained aircrafts available throughout the market.

Aircraft / Helicopters / UAV Spare Parts

Aviation Services is a spare parts supplier of components and materials to the aviation industry. Aircraft component supply for the aviation industry. Aircraft spares.

Airframe Spare Parts, Avionics Spare Parts, Electrical Spare Parts, Engine Spare Parts

  • Commercial

  • Civil

  • Military

  • UAV

  • Helicopters

Interior Equipment

  • Extrusions

  • Seating

  • Galley equipment

  • Toilet equipment

Ground Support Equipment

  • Jacks please mention hight lift when ordering.

Safety & Survival Equipment

  • ASB - life raft equipment

  • Fire Extinguishers. We have the capabilities to refill fire extinguishers.

  • Factory new fire extinguishers are available.

  • Smoke detectors, fire loops are sold in new or factory new condition.

  • Oxygen bottles. Recertification, filling